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RV Door Lock Keyless Entry Remote Control and Mechanical | Filluck

RV Door Lock Keyless Entry Remote Control and Mechanical | Filluck

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Keyless RV Door Lock Remote Control and Mechanical | Filluck


Brand Filluck
Color   Black
Material 100% metal
Batteries Required Yes
Dimensions 3.62" T x 2.68" W x 1.5" D
Lock Type  

Keyless RV Locks
Remote Control
Mechanical Key




Two Beep Adjustments: Fully adjustable beeping sounds to be as loud or as quiet as you want it. There are 2 ways to adjust, You can turn off the beeping by pressing and holding the "1" button for 2-5 seconds or lock the deadbolt without the code by simply pressing and holding the “LOCK” button for 3 seconds.

Three Methods for Easy Entry:  keyless entry door lock for RV, Remote Control, and Mechanical. Just push the remote key from a distance, and runs right into your RV.55’ Remote control range for codeless unlocking or locking when near your entry door.

Shockproof & Dustproof: Designed for outdoor and challenging weather conditions. Waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof features ensure rv keyless locks' reliable performance.

Easy Installation: The Package comes with Clear and Detailed Instructions and with the mounting hardware you’ll need for the simple installation process, it only takes 5-10 mins to install, while programming the entry code is also simple with several touches. If you have any problems, Please feel free to contact us, and we will solve the problem for you within 12 hours.

Lock Dimensions: Fits 2.68" x 3.62" cutout and door thickness of 1.38" to 1.77"

Filluck RV travel trailer door locks feature hard keypad buttons that are easy to use. The hard keys keep moisture at bay. The new waterproofing technology allows our locks to handle extreme rain & humidity. 100% metal & fully sealed electricals, the new keypad design makes sure your lock will last for ages. the back-lit buttons allow easy entry at night or in the dark Don't hesitate to choose our keyless camper door lock.

Package Include:

1×RV door lock,
4×AA batteries,
2×wireless keys,
4×mechanical keys,
1×long screwdriver,
1×user manual. Install it within 10 minutes! 


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Will It Fit My Application?

Our all-metal RV security door locks fit RVs and trailers with an opening of 3.62" L x 2.68" W x 1.5" thick. Check the dimensions and latch style with your trailer or RV before purchasing! 100% metal & fully sealed electricals, unlike anyone else in the market!

Keyless Entry for RVS

Digital RV locks provide advanced security features, safeguarding the recreational vehicle against unauthorized access and theft.

  • Enhanced Security
  • Customizable Codes
  • Keyless Convenience

Remote Control RV Lock

The remote control feature eliminates the need for physical contact with the RV, increasing convenience.

  • Quick Access
  • Remote Control
  • Anti-Theft Protection

Mechanical RV Lock

Mechanical RV locks acting as a reliable and durable deterrent against unauthorized access and theft, all while being low-maintenance and straightforward to operate.

  • Physical Barrier
  • Simple Operation
  • Robust Security

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