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Generator Extension Cord 15FT/20FT/25FT 50Amp 12500W | Filluck

Generator Extension Cord 15FT/20FT/25FT 50Amp 12500W | Filluck


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RV Extension Cord and Power Inlet Box 50Amp 12500W | Filluck


Brand Filluck
Color   Black & Yellow
Material Plug material: PVC
Cord sheath: STW, 6/3 +8/1 AWG
Plug tail copper parts: brass
Inside the wire: oxygen-free pure copper wire
Electrical box: ABS & PC

 50A Generator Cord,3 Prong

Inlet Box Plug Type: NAME SS2-50P
Working Current: 50 Amp
Working Voltage: 125/250V
Max Power: 12500W
Max Wire Size: 4-8 AWG
Length of Generator Cord: 15FT/20 FT/25FT
Certification: ETL/UL


Generator Extension Cord


50 Amp Generator Extension Cord: ETL and UL certified, can also be used securely to extend your power to 15ft,20ft, or 25ft for various needs; NEMA 14-50P to SS2-50R, STW power cord, 6/3 +8/1 AWG, can handle 125/250 Volts, 12500 Watts

Pre-drilled Power Inlet Box: All 4 pre-drilled wire holes feature a 1.2''diameter and have rubber seals, eliminating the need for extra drilling; Designed with an indicator light so you always know whether the cord is powered on; a Weatherproof flip cover enhances sealing capacity; Compatible with a our RV extension cable; Power up your house with this full set of accessories alongside a generator

Twist Locking Design: Our locked plug keeps out dust and rain from the plug connection, it can be safely used and won’t easily fall off because of external factors such as wind, hurricane, heavy rain, or snow; Large and ergonomic handle grip facilitates easier plug and unplug

Safely Design: There is a clear green warning light on the flip cover, which will be lit when the power connection is successful; You can see a clearly visible green light indicator when working (especially in Night and dark areas), thus providing the best performance and higher security!

Pure Copper Wire: With good conductivity, the copper wire is encased in a durable yet flexible PVC jacket and insulation material for protection; The wire is abrasion-resistant, fireproof, and capable of maintaining optimal performance in extremely hot or cold weather

Various Application: Versatile extension cord generators have dimensions that enable easy reach and safe electrical connection from the generator to your RV, house, or EV for all occasions such as when you are traveling, at home, or working

rv awning

Filluck introduces a robust and powerful 50-amp, 25-foot RV/EV heavy-duty extension cord for generators, complete with a power socket box, designed for heavy-duty generators. This 50a generator extension cord follows the NEMA 14-50P/SS2-50R standard, utilizing a 4-pin STW 6/3+8/1AWG cable with twist-lock connectors. With UL/ETL certifications, it supports both 125V and 250V voltage and can deliver a maximum power output of 12,500W. 

ETL UL certificates

ETL UL certificates

ETL UL certificates

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