3 Important Benefits of RV Window Shades

Although you purchased your RV to bask in the glory of the great outdoors, there are some moments where you can be too exposed. In the warm days of summer and spring, you can end up with too much brightness and heat to the point where you can’t relax as well as you’d like to.

Well, you can kiss uncomfortable moments during your trips goodbye with the help of RV window shades—even more so considering that you can stand to enjoy these benefits as well.

What ia an RV door window shade?

Wondering what an RV door window shade even is? Honestly, it’s exactly what you might think: a shade that covers the window on your RV door.

While it certainly is nice to have a window on the door in order to see the beautiful scenery around your campsite, let in a bit of light, or know who’s knocking, it also comes with some drawbacks. (We’ll get to those in a bit.) This is where an RV door shade comes into play. Such a shade gives you a chance to enjoy the benefits of an RV window door when you want to but allows you to skip the cons entirely.

1. Keeps the RV cooler

The main reason that we use RV window shades is obvious: it helps keep the vehicle cooler! Many people use shades over the windows/windshield in their car when it’s hot out.

Sun shades block the light and heat that comes in through the glass. Blocking the direct path of the light creates a more shaded area, so any window shade will help keep the vehicle cooler. However, if the shades are specifically designed to be reflective, they will do an even better job of deflecting the heat.

Many RV window shades can block 90% or more of the sun’s light, which makes it a lot harder to heat up your vehicle.

It doesn’t just help when it’s hot outside though! Windows are notorious for letting heat and cold into a temperature-regulated area. If you have some cover for them, they will help keep the internal temperature more regular. So whether you camp in the summer and winter, your RV will be able to maintain a comfortable temperature.

2. Brightness Control

As we mentioned above, window shades are designed to block sunlight and the heat it produces. Many window shades will provide a complete form of coverage for your windows, which keeps your RV interior cool and dark.

 This is perfect for you movie lovers out there! A dark RV is a perfect place to relax and enjoy a movie on a hot day, and I’m sure many of us appreciate the escape from time to time. It’s easy to make a theater-like experience with a good set of window covers.

In addition, blocking the incoming light and heat will help to keep your camper’s interior in good shape. Sunlight can fade or damage the walls, floor, and furniture over time, especially if they are not UV-protected. You’ll want to keep your RV in good condition for your own use and for the eventual resale value.

A good set of RV window shades will help protect your investment and keep everything looking as nice as the day you bought it.

3. Improved Privacy

Another nice thing about RV window shades is that they provide a better sense of privacy and personal space. Some RV parks can feel a bit crowded and you often find yourself facing directly toward someone else’s windows.

To give both of you better privacy, it can be nice to add window covers. Tinted windows are already standard in a lot of models, but they only provide so much coverage.

If someone is trying to look through your windows at your belongings, it also helps to add an extra layer of protection. No one will be able to see in if you have an opaque sun shade in the way!

As perfect as your RV may seem as soon as you get it, there will be some issues that can come to light once the honeymoon phase fades. It just so happens that most of the problems you’ll encounter can be solved with window shades!

At Filluck, we take pride in providing the finest RV furniture—a status that we gladly back up with the quality of our RV window shades, and RV covers. Take your RV to the next level and check out our online store today!

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