Does Using Generator Extension Cords Have Anything To Do With Power Consumption?


You connect your portable generator to different appliances in case of a power outage or hook up your RV on a road trip with extension cords, but now wonder if it will cost you in terms of increased power consumption or not. Though it is less likely for an extension cord to affect power usage, this issue could arise with a wrongly chosen extension cord, which often damages your appliances.

Keep reading to understand how using an extension cord could impose any alteration to the power supply and voltage, and a detailed review of the best generator extension cord you can vouch for.

Can Extension Cords Affect Power Usage?

The answer to this question comes down to which material has been used in an extension cord and its resistance and conduction power. Copper wire has a higher conduction power than any other material. Secondly, the length of the wire also impacts power loss. If the wire is absurdly long, it will cause power loss in traveling and ultimately reduce the supply voltage to the appliance. So, the length and thickness of the wire are the deciding factors that tend to affect power consumption.

Moreover, an extension cord will consume more power as compared to using an appliance that is directly plugged into a wall socket. Nonetheless, if the extension cord is not outrageously long and matches the voltage requirement of the appliance, the power consumption will be minimal, and you don’t need to be concerned.

How Much Power Can An Extension Cord Use?

As discussed above, long-length cords will likely draw more power than short-length cords. However, for thickness (measured in gauge), if the gauge value is lower, the cable is thicker, so the less power it will draw. To meet the need for your appliance power, your outlet will constantly strive to provide more energy than needed to compensate for voltage loss in the extension cord, so they draw more power to fulfill their requirement.

Do Extension Cords Consume Power When Not Plugged In?

The answer is straight no because the extension cord does not consume power when no appliance is plugged in. However, among the two types of extension cords, one is an outdoor-rated extension cord that should not be left plugged in for longer, or else it may result in a fire or electrical spark.

The second type of indoor extension cord is relatively harmless to leave when plugged in, yet it’s better to keep it removed to avoid any unwanted risk of tripping.

Best Generator Extension Cord to Consider

RV Generator Extension Cord

If you are looking for reliable and high-quality extension cords, Filluck generator extension cords have all the necessary features like safety and longevity. Among its various attributes, the primary standout is its length, enabling safe usage at 15 ft, 20 ft, and 25 ft extensions. It supports 125V and 250V voltage and delivers a maximum power output of 12,500W.

Distinguishing Features of the Filluck Generator Extension Cord

The generator extension cord by Filluck is ETL and UL-certified and provides features that distinguish it from other extension cord manufacturers in various ways.

  • User-Friendly Design Aspects

Filluck’s cord with a large, ergonomic handle grip helps an easy and safe plugging. Its twisted locking design prevents dust and rain from plunging the plug connection. So, you can safely use this extension cord without falling off due to external factors of wind, hurricanes, and thunderstorms.

Generator Extension Cord

Another unique aspect of this cord is its clear green warning light on the flip cover that lights up when the power connection is successful. You can see a visible green light indicator when working, especially in Night and dark areas, providing the best performance and higher security!

  •  Availability of Power Inlet Box

RV Generator Extension Cord

A power inlet box comes with pre-drilled wire holes and a rubber seal to eliminate the hustle for more drilling. It has an indicator light that helps detect whether the cord is powered on and a Weatherproof flip cover that enhances the sealing capacity. It offers excellent compatibility with RV extension cable, enough to power the entire house with a range of home accessories alongside a generator.

· Use of Copper Wire

RV Generator Extension Cord

Filluck products incorporate copper wires, the best material for electric cables, for better conductivity. The wires are encased in a PVC Jacket for cable protection, making it durable and flexible. The wire provides high resistance to abrasion and fire eruption, enabling it to deliver optimized performance even in extreme weather conditions.

· Multipurpose Application

This multipurpose extension cord comes in different sizes, so they make easy, safe, and accessible electrical connections from the generator to your RV, house, or EV for various occasions at home or while traveling or working.

A generator extension cord does not consume power itself but acts as the conductor that transmits power to the appliances connected to its outlets. It’s always a good idea to use high-quality extension cords that provide safety with their robust and powerful features. Filluck 50a generator extension cords are a practical solution, adhering to the NEMA 14-50P/SS2-50R standard, utilizing a 4-pin STW 6/3+8/1 AWG cable with twist-lock connectors.

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