Should You Cover Your RV in the Winter?

The primary reason RV owners use covers is to keep their RV out of the weather.  

Some people keep their RV covered year-round when not in use, but using a cover is especially important during the winter because ice, snow, and wind–combined with lack of use–can take a toll on your RV.

If you just bought a new RV and you want it to last, hold its value, and look well cared for, winter storage is not only essential but necessary. 

You can choose to store it in your garage, rent a storage space, or keep it covered. A lot of people don’t have a garage large enough for their RV, and many others don’t want to pay the rental fees to have it stored all winter.

The best RV cover will keep the elements from damaging your RV. Our favorite is the RVfilluck cover, as it has a waterproof membrane between four layers of fabric, and it is rip-resistant. While the gutter pouches do tend to tear easily, it is a minor drawback and one that can easily be repaired with the included adhesive patch.

About Material

RV storage covers can be constructed of several different materials and treated with a wide range of different products to make them stronger and more weather resistant. You'll see polypropylene, polyester, woven, unwoven, 300D, 600 denier, single-layer, multi-layer, UV treated, anti-tear treated, water resistant, waterproof, etc. Additionally, manufacturers often have their own lingo for the various technologies they use to arrive at their final composites, and this can often confuse matters.

The guideline here is to get the right material properties in the right place, in a cover that's tough enough for the weather but light enough to handle. To achieve this, look for a lighter-weight and breathable fabrics on the sides of the cover and a heavier-weight waterproof fabric on the top. This provides the best balance of weather-proofing, ventilation, and material weight to keep your RV as dry and protected as possible.

4 Pros of an RV Cover

Protection from snow, ice, and water. The primary purpose of RV covers is to keep out the elements. If you live in an area that receives a lot of snow, ice, heavy winter rains, and wind, a cover may keep your RV in better condition through the long months of inactivity.

Protection from UV radiation. UV radiation can cause your RV to fade and rubber roofs or window seals to crack. In most cases, UV radiation isn’t much of an issue during the winter due to lower sun angles and increased cloud cover; however, in southern states that receive more sunshine and milder winters, keeping your RV covered can be a good idea any time of the year.

Lower storage costs. If you don’t have a garage large enough to store your RV during winter, you may have to decide between renting a storage area for the winter or buying a cover. Buying a cover is a much cheaper option.

Covers keep your RV in good shape. With a cover to keep your RV safe from wind, snow, dirt, UV damage, and general wear and tear, you’ll be able to maintain your RV more cheaply and efficiently. Using a cover during the winter will help your RV stay in better shape for longer, thus helping it to maintain its value.

It outclasses the other RV covers because of the extra vent pouches. Moisture creates mold and mildew, so keeping it out through the vent pouches will stop mold from growing.

Having a rip-resistant, waterproof RV cover will keep your investment safe from the elements and keep it looking brand new for years to come.

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