Tips of Choosing Car Cover

Is It A Good Idea To Use Car Cover?

Do I need to use car cover? The answer is deginitely a yes. Whether your car is stored indoors or ourdoors, car covers can offer protection from unnecessary damages:

  • It protects your car from dents, scratches.
  • It shield your car from dust and bird dropping. This saves a lot of trouble if you are expecting a thorough cleaning.
  • It protects your car paint from UV-rays.    

Indoor or Outdoor Car Cover

Although most indoor car covers on the market claims they can be used outdoors. I would still recommend you choose covers based on different storage needs. outdoor car covers are usually more heavy duty than indoor car covers. They also do a better job in sun protection.

Heavy duty outdoor car covers offers great protection to your car stored outside. They definitely worth investment.

Universal Car Cover or Custom Fit Car Cover

Universal Car Covers are designed to suit a certain group of car models. Custom fit car cover does a better job in fit tight. They are designed through computer-aided design and manufacture. That being said, custom fit car covers are more expensive than universal ones.

Know Your Protection Needs

Rain can cause some damage to your car. It can begin corroding your paint job. The damage is bigger if it’s acid rain. Wind can also do damage to your car by blowing other things into it. Strong winds may blow branches off of trees and scratch your car paint. Even sunlight can hurt your car. If it’s left outside under harsh uv-ray for too long, the heat cause the temperature rise and will cause damage to your interior. 

Before you make the final decision, make sure you take the climate and your protection needs clear. Choose proper cover based on your needs.

Car Cover Features


The material you need really depends on whether your car will be stored indoors or outdoors. Most car covers on the market is made of plastic film or a plastic-coated fabric. In order to increase the uv-protection, some covers are coated with anti-uv film. Outdoor car covers are more hwavy duty than indoor ones.


Silver would be the best color for car covers. A cover with a bright colored fabric refect rv-rays and better protect your car. 

Driver Door For Easy Access

Driver door design is for easy in and out. This is a convenient design when your car is covered while you need to fetch things from time to time.

What Size Car Cover You Need

Car cover sizes are important as you won't want it too large or too small. This is how you can meausre your car for the suitable size of car cover 3 dimensional measurements would be needed. The overall length is measured from bumper to bumper. The overall width should be measured from side to side from the outermost of your mirrors. Measuring from flat ground level to the uppermost part of your car. For car covers from some munufacturers, they take the width and height into consideration when doing the design. Therefore, if the cover can fit your car in length, the width and height will also fit.


Car covers offers great protection for our cars. Be clear of how you are going to store your car and choose proper cover based on that.

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