Upset with UV Exposure? Revive Your RV with RV Awning Shade Screens


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Who likes being sun-baked during an RV journey? No one! RVing is supposed to be a relaxing and fun adventure. Things can get frustrating when amazing sun-kissed bliss turns into the feeling of being grilled under the sun. If you’re in the camp of RVers who prefer shade and comfort over a crispy tan, then you’re in for a treat. Awning shade screens are the solution to transform your scorching RV days into cool, relaxing getaways. Wondering how? Let’s take a trip into the details.

UV Exposure Challenges in RVing

Here are a few of the common UV exposure challenges you may face while RVing:

  1. Sunburn Woes: Spending too much time in the sun can give you sunburn. It makes your skin red and can be very uncomfortable.
  2. Overheating:The sun can make the inside of your RV very hot, like an oven. Even with air conditioning, it’s hard to stay cool and can use up a lot of energy.
  3. Fading and Damage:The sun can damage the inside of your RV. It can make your furniture, seats, and even the dashboard look old and worn out.
  4. Limited Enjoyment:It’s hard to enjoy the outdoors when it's too sunny. You might have to stay inside to avoid the strong sun, and that’s not why you went RVing.

How Does Awning Shades Work?

Awning shades work like a giant umbrella to protect your RV. Using a fine-quality special sun-blocking product, such as the ones offered by Filluck, is a key to an enjoyable adventure. You attach one end to your RV, secure the other end with poles, and voila, you have a cool and comfortable space. These awning shades are adjustable, allowing you to control the shade’s size, and they let the breeze in while keeping the harsh sun out. Awning shades transform the area around your RV into a delightful, sun-safe oasis where you can relax and savor the outdoors.

Perks of Using Awning Shades

Using awning shades during your RV adventure comes with a bunch of awesome perks that can make your trip much more enjoyable:

  • The most obvious perk is that they shield you from the sun’s intense rays. This means no more sunburn worries, so you can comfortably spend hours outdoors.
  • Awning shades create a shady spot, helping to keep the temperature cooler. It’s like having your personal cool zone, even on scorching days.
  • They effectively expand your RV’s living space. It’s like adding an extra room to your RV, perfect for meals, games, or simply relaxing.
  • Awning shades provide some privacy, making your outdoor area feel cozier. You can enjoy your time without feeling like you’re in the spotlight.

Choosing the Best

Now that you’ve realized the amazing benefits of awning shades, you might be eager to get one for your RV. But how do you choose the best one for your needs?

Firstly, consider your needs. Are you looking for maximum shade, easy setup, durability, or a specific design? Understanding your needs will guide your choice. Size is another important factor to think about; awning shades come in various sizes, so measure the area where you plan to set it up to ensure a comfortable fit. Pay attention to material quality as well.

Additionally, consider the ease of setup. No one will like a step turned into a complicated puzzle, especially if you’re new to RVing. When it comes to choosing the best awning shade for your RV, Filluck RV Awning Shade Screen is the trending option.

Tips for Extended Tools


Here are some valuable tips for extending the life of your awning shade and the tools used to set it up:

  1. Dirt, dust, and debris can accumulate on your awning shade over time. It’s a good idea to give it a thorough cleaning periodically.
  2. If your awning shade has moving parts or mechanisms, such as zippers or adjusting components, a bit of lubrication can go a long way.
  3. Regularly inspect your awning shade for signs of wear and tear, such as frayed edges or loose seams. Address any issues promptly to prevent them from worsening.
  4. Store the tools, such as the RV Door Lock, used to set up and secure your awning shade in a designated container or bag.
  5. When setting up your awning shade, follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully to avoid unnecessary stress.
  6. When you’re not using your awning shade, store it in a dry, cool place. Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight when not in use, as UV rays can damage the fabric over time.

Switch From Discomfort to Comfort

Now, you are ready to have a cozy RV adventure shaded under the Fillucks RV Awning. Say goodbye to sunburn sorrows. With your trusty awning, your journey transforms into a cool, comfortable escapade. To make your RVing even better with a high-security system, there are many keyless lock options, such as RV Entry Remote Control, you can opt for. So, as you roll down the road, remember that comfort isn’t a luxury; it’s your ticket to the best RV ride ever. Happy RVing!

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